Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't they look happy?

These pictures of my mom and dad were taken while he was in flight school. I think the mug is what the Marines give when the wings are earned. I like these photos. They look so happy.

Trixie noticed that my mother's dress matched the table cloth. I asked Mom about it. Yes, she made both the dress and the tablecloth. The tablecloth came second from the scraps of fabric left from the dress making. "Well, we had so little, Sarabeth. Your dad brought home so little. I did have a teaching job, but that was only enough to pay the rent and the payment on my car. I had to have something to cover the table."

That is such a classic thought from my mother. She gets anxious if the house linens aren't nice for company. The day before the visitation of my father's body my sister and I went shopping to buy something proper, something that wasn't black. We were also going out to finalize some arrangements with the funeral home. As we left the house Mom asked, "If you see a good tablecloth will you get it? I really need a better tablecloth." We did find one for her. She liked it well enough.

My sister and I both bought gray suits with light blue shirts. They didn't match. We chose gray because Dad liked gray suits. The blue shirts were to match the color of his eyes. Oh, to see those eyes again smiling at me.


Trixie said...

Yes, my father has the same mug :)

Your mother's dress matches the tablecloth (heehee)..

Sarabeth said...

Hey! My mom probably sewed both the dress and the tablecloth.