Monday, August 21, 2006


Do you remember these from your youth? Did you or do you have cicadas where you lived when you were young or where you live now?

I found these yesterday on a red maple in our back yard. My soon to be three year old thought they were really neat. We had just read a book that talked about cicadas the night before. She said, "I don't know what cicadas are." It was nice to be able to show her the discarded exoskeletons of one.

My sister and I would pluck them off the rough bark of the oak tree in our front yard and wear them like brooches on our clothes. Seeing the remains of the cicadas each year still brings back that spark of magic from childhood.


jarhead john said...

We have so many cicadas here that you often have to speak up to be heard over them in the evening. The adults are also some of the ugliest bugs I've ever seen.

Kell said...

They're monstrous - The subject of horror films, so naturally, I can see why your kids liked 'em!!!

Trixie said...

We had a huge explosion of them in DC a few years back. I think it's creepy that you wore them as brooches. Very creepy.