Wednesday, August 23, 2006

All in a day's haul

In the spring (Don't ask me which month, I have three kids. I don't have room for those type of details.), we planted some potatoes that had begun to grow roots. We set them in the windows suspended above pots with water in them so the roots would grow well. We planted 5 of these. Two survived the White Dragon's digging. Today I dug up the potatoes.

The large ones are about the size of my fist, or three inches in diameter. In the background are cherry tomatoes for size comparison. Also are the figs picked today from the three fig bushes near the fish pond.

The figs are a neat story. These come from Phill's grandparent's homestead. Phill has been eating figs off of these type of plants since he was a little boy. My daughters eat the figs straight off the bush. Yummy!

Growing a garden in an urban setting is so fulfilling. I guess we are having potatoes this evening with tomatoes and baked figs covered in cheese. Take a bit of honey on top of the cheesy figs and you have a great appetizer.


wolfbaby said...

we just moved into our home this year... we have a baby garden this time around but next year watch out.. this time it was mostly tomatos and pepers..

Kell said...

Glad you were amused by my junior high journal - It's scary - but ...ok. It's just scary. Might make good book fodder, though.

Trixie said...

I don't think I've ever eaten a fig that wasn't in a Newton! What a nice looking bunch of potatoes!