Monday, May 15, 2006

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

This miniature rose was a gift from my sister when my first child, Inwe, was born. I was so worried when she gave it to us, because I haven't had the best luck with minature roses. I know of three that I have managed to mangle and then kill. I didn't want that to happen to a rose I associated with my daughter.

Phill and I planted it outside and watched it bloom. In the winter, when Inwe was a year old, we couldn't even find a stem of it. We were sure that we had lost it to the freezing temperatures. In the spring, the plant came out of the ground and bloomed for quite a while.

Inwe is now four. The rose is still around. Each winter I worry that the temperatures will be too harsh, but here it is.


Amka said...

Very pretty.

Temperatures get harsher here, and my grandma had miniature roses that were about 15 years old. Try mulching it over the winter. Do miniatures like rose food?

Kell said...

I have a mini-rose too - and it seems that the rose is growing again this year - with minimal pruning on my part - I didn't even plant it in the ground - it's in an above-ground pot. I'll have to take a photo when it blooms.

Genevieve said...

It's really pretty. I have just one rose bush, and it's a good thing it's tough. :D