Friday, May 12, 2006

None of these, Please

Every year the Social Security Administration releases a list of the most popular baby names for the prior year. Here's just one bit of the story from
The most popular combination for female twins was Hope and Faith.

The top 10 for girls in 2005: Emily, Emma, Madison, Abigail, Olivia, Isabella, Hannah, Samantha, Ava and Ashley.

For boys: Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Matthew, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, Anthony, Christopher and Joseph.

I have two rules for my babies:

  1. No biblical names.
  2. No names that are nouns, i.e. Hope, Faith, Charity, Chastity, April, May, June, Summer, Rain


jarhead john said...

I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but I ended up with two biblical names (first and middle). Since my first name is just about the most common man's name in history, I seem to have a strange attraction to simple names.

Sarabeth said...

I should state that unlike the "Faith, Hope, Summer" girl names which make me want to hurl when I hear them, biblical names do not bother me. I just didn't want my children to have them.

See, my husband is a neonatologist. He has been around many very ill newborns, either born too early or born on time but with nasty conditions. Many of these ill babies have biblical names. Which came first? I do not know. Perhaps the baby was given a name so that some grace would find him or her. Perhaps it is all a matter of coincidence. I was just not going to go there with my children.

I don't publish their names as my husband is a blogger and uses his last name. Alas, I cannot tell you their real names. My children have names that are in the mainstream for first names. Their second names are a bit more adventurous-Eleyn, Leigh, Angus.

I was named after a character on Star Trek. Spock fell in love with a Zarabeth. I'm really glad my parents changed the Z to an S!

Liz Self said...

We would be a sorry lot in your house -- Paul, Martha, Adam, Jonathan, and Elizabeth. I don't know how Laura slipped in there. Wes's family isn't of the biblical sort, but the names repeat over and over again through the generations, making it sound incestuous. We have had fun talking about names for kids. Our rules are: 1) use fun names from books and 2) don't use any family names that make is sound like brothers and sisters ever bore children together.

Kell said...

You're named after Star Trek? That is so Boomer-Chic, I can't stand it!

Dave and I discovered we both dislike the name "Carl" while watching King Kong this weekend. We feel Karl with a "K" is better - yet it's still pronounced "Carl."

Regarding Biblical names - "Moses" seems fairly popular. I once met an over-priviledged kid named "Yale." - named after a school... I went to Calvin College - yet it's not likely I'll name anything Calvin, not that it's a bad name - I just prefer other names better.

Amka said...

All of our daughter's names were meant to work well in both Russia and America. This ruled out such names as Olga, and on our side, Jane. My son, however, has a name that his Babushka (Russian grandma) doesn't like very much. Oh well.

We have some religious names, but it had very little to do with their appearing in the bible.

My dad was going to name me Maria de la Iglesia. To my great relief, my mom vetoed that, though I did end up with the middle name Francesca. Dad calls me Frank.

Outside the Box said...

Funny, despite being an atheist, I've always been fond of Biblical names. Certainly not because they ARE Biblical names, just like the sound of them.

I had my son's name, Gabriel, picked out since 1990. He's a year and a half now.

I hope you don't mind my (soon to be) daughter's name, Tosnia.

If she had been a boy, his name was going to be Demothonese. Really.

Sarabeth said...

Robert Neddo--My stated preferences are merely personal and apply only my own children. The names other choose are so personal. I have a friend who tried her best to get a name that sounded incredibly unique. She ended up naming her child Ann because the other names just sounded odd to her.

You soon to be daughter's name is fine with me. Now, if she had been a boy, I would have raised my eyebrows a bit and then continued on as if nothing had bothered me.

Outside the Box said...

Upon reading my comment again, I realize my being facetious did not come across the way I had meant for it to. Oh well...

I've been thinking about the name thing and I realized that I can't stand when parents name their children a common name like Lisa or Amy, but spell it Leeza or Aimee. Ugh.

molly said...

oh crap! my girl name is in there. I was trying to do an uncommon name. How did it get in there? i couldn't even decide on a name for my dog, so kept the name she came with. i am in big rouble.

Sarabeth said...

No, Molly, no. Please don't name my cousin Madison. Please for the love of Pete! Don't do it. Madison is a city, the last name of a president, a street name, a dog's name. Please no.

I'm emailing you right now.