Friday, May 19, 2006


Nearly all of the flowering plants in our yard came from my mother-in-law or were already here when we bought the house. This list includes strawberries, irises, day lilies, daffodils, and some spider lilies. When things are free--I don't complain about the colors.

I do, however, complain about this particular iris. When the horticulturist made this did he or she think: Oh, let's make an iris that is brown. People will love that it looks like it is a spent bloom even though it has just gotten to full flower. Oh, they'll flock to the nursery. It will be a mad rush.

Update: Genevieve asked if this was a hybrid somehow achieved by some overactive bees or whatever pollenates bearded irises. I don't think so, but as I have the opposite iris in my garden as well (although this is at least a 200 feet from the ugly thing above), it is possible.

Still, take a look at this site, and I think you'll agree that there are all kinds of irises out there. I think plenty of these for sale are not pleasing to the eye.

And, Molly, Iris is an okay name for a girl. Posted by Picasa


Genevieve said...

I have never seen an iris of that shade before. :D Do you suppose it might be a hybrid that happened somehow from your other colors?

Sarabeth said...

Well, Genevieve, I can't be sure, but I do think that my MIL gave it to me because of its unique color. It wasn't in bloom when she gave it to me, but I seem to remember her saying something like oh this one has a great color it's so different. The hybridizers probably made this one for people like her.

amka said...

Uhm, yeah... like the "black" tulips I got? I have one section of my flowers that I want to devote to "unique and interesting, but maybe not pretty in that practical way"

A flower like that looks really great at an exhibition next to deep burgandies and pale peaches. Not so great in the yard.

jarhead john said...

They have some amazing irises here in Okinawa. The horticulturists (is that the right term?) devote just as much time to them as the bansai folks do to their little trees. The next time I make a trip to the nursery with my better half, I'll get a snapshot or two for you if you'd like.

Yes, even dumb Jarheads can appreciate pretty stuff (flowers, girls, cars, tractors, etc).

Sarabeth said...

Oh, JJ, that would be nice.