Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hero: From Don Surber

Don Surber: Hero

While reading Mr. Surber's blog I read this entry. Too cool. Would you do that--go after a jewel thief? Here's a snippet from the story:
Jonathan Neff, another father in the play area, said Maj. McInnis "hurdled the row of seats and hit the ground at an all out sprint behind the thief ... He was through the doors in hot pursuit before anyone else knew what was happening."

Maj. McInnis followed Mr. Laboard back into the mall, grabbed his collar, and put him in a rear figure-four choke hold on the ground.
I'm not sure I would, but I probably would have made Phill do something. Both Phill and I have been involved in medical emergencies as first responders until the paramedics arrived. But, what this Marine did--now that's commendable.


jarhead john said...

Every clime and place.....

Sarabeth said...

Hey, JJ, I knew your answer.