Monday, May 08, 2006

From the corners of my mind

We all have memories that we want to keep around. Those are the ones that we pull out with longtime friends or for family reunions.

"Do you remember the time when so and so was dancing on the table?"


"Wasn't that great when we surprised Mom with a birthday party?"

You know, those kind of memories.

Then there are the memories that are in your mind, but you don't actively try to remember them. They are just there lurking for the perfect moment to intrude upon your consciousness. Those uninvited memories can be ugly or painful, but sometimes they are sweet and lovely.

I had one of the sweet and lovely lurking memories find its way out of the corner this weekend. Phill was asleep on my right, Finwe was asleep on my left, and I felt White Dragon at my feet. I was warm surrounded by all those bodies. I remembered another time camping with a dog--The Brute. We were camping in Montana or Wyoming (honestly, I can't remember which state) expecting freezing temperatures for the night. Phill and I donned our ski caps and slipped into the sleeping bags. The Brute fell asleep near me but wasn't touching me. Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke sweating profusely. Phill was curled up tight against me on one side and The Brute was sleeping as close to me as possible. I was hot. I pulled off my ski cap and slept with my arms stretched above my head to have some part of my body out of the sleeping bag.

Why couldn't I move Phill? He's much larger than me.
Why couldn't I move The Brute? While I outweighed him, have you ever tried to move a dog who doesn't want to move? It doesn't happen when you are effectively pinned in a mummy bag.

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