Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friends and Family

Friends and family have made it possible to keep going. Let me give you some examples:

My son, Finwe, was hot, tired, and hungry during the service yesterday. It kept my mother from lingering too long at the national cemetery. Her quote from then, "Well, Finwe reminds us that life must go on."

My blogosphere friend, Jarhead John, helped to find one of my father's oldest buddies from the Marine Corps. Those Marines--they are awesome and truly do take care of their own.

My cousins, the male ones, have been doing yard work today and have planted a tree that the teachers at my mom's school sent her in memory of my father.

My aunt and uncle have been babysitters extroidinaire for Finwe so I can get more things done on the financial and estate end.

A neighbor down the street mowed the lawn and will continue to do it because he loved my father so much.

The family across the street offered their house to some of my relatives so they could stay longer. Hotel rooms are all booked due to the gay beach week here in Pensacola.

Other families on this street have brought over food for all of us.

A friend I only know from the blogosphere, turtletoes, sent me a card. The world is a good place. We just have to reach out and make those personal connections.

I couldn't list all the little and big actions others have taken. It would take so long.

Lastly, want to read how my daughters and husband are dealing with this? Go to Tales from the Womb.

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