Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Children v. Testosterone

I would file this under "Duh!" if I were filing my posts. Perhaps I would even file it under "I hope my tax dollars did not fund this study."

In a relatively small sample group, researchers found that women are attracted to men who like children. From Reuters:
In the study of nearly 70 men and women, an interest in children was linked to long-term partnership potential while women were attracted to men with higher testosterone levels as short-term romantic mates.

So, guys, if you think you're sexy, sorry. We will only use you for a fling. Now, if you like to play ball with the kids or will sit on the floor to play dolls or have a tea party, we'll let you stick around.

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jarhead john said...

Duh! is right! Did that really require our brightest minds?

I'm right with you on the tax dollar part of it. I'm willing to bet that we paid the salary of countless folks in order for them to say the equivallent of "fire is hot."