Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well, This was not planned

I had asked Phill to remove the old, cracking caulk in our kitchen. He began to use the special caulk removal tool, and then I heard grumbling and mumbling. I was doing our taxes, so I decided to ignore him. I think I should have paid more attention because when I turned around I saw this. He was removing the entire wooden backsplash. He said that there was just too much damage near the sink. We needed a new backsplash. So, at 4pm on a Saturday he headed to the home improvement store to choose materials for the unexpected large project. He called, asked for my approval on a tile choice, and then came home with something completely different. He brought home this.
I helped decide the pattern and then promptly left the kitchen to get the kids to bed. I left him to apply the mastic and adhere the tile.
What's the white stuff above the tile? Spackle. We had to patch some places where the old backsplash tore off the paper of the wallboard. We'll paint after we grout. Not a normal sequence, but it's best for us. We are really, really messy with grout.

Here is the nearly finished project. All it lacked at this time was a bead of caulk at the top. I got that done after the grout was drier. So, the project begun at 2pm on Saturday was complete by 4pm on Sunday. All of that and three kids to take care of!
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Trixie said...

First I want to know where you found this wonderful castle tile! Then I want to say how perfect this tile is for the two of you --not to mention how well it matches the paint colors. When I saw the first photo of the tile...I was speechless. It is sooo perfect for you. What was the tile you approved but failed to make it home? Good job! Come do our house next! (You realize that WaWa would have taken 8 months to complete this project?)