Saturday, February 18, 2006

Taxes Done

Love Turbo Tax Online. Got it done in one afternoon with kids hanging on my arm and everything.

I did have all the proper paperwork in place before I did the online part. That took quite a bit of time.

Yes, I'm really really early. But I hate waiting. Yes, we got a refund, but that's because our son Finwe was born. Otherwise we would have been nearly on the money with the payroll deduction.

Even with the refund I gagged at the amount of federal taxes that we paid this year. Fair Tax please. Please.


turtle toes said...

I got ours done on Jan. 31st. I hate waiting, too!

Maverick said...

Both my federal and MS taxes were done on Feb. 13th, a Valentine present to myself.

And it is one of the responsibilities of citizenship to pay taxes; it is what our country runs on. And even if there is ever a flat tax passed, it won't be what they are flounting. The way a lot of societial planning is done and implemented is through taxes. It is a fairly easy way of Congress to get us taxpayers to do things. They WILL NOT give up this power.