Thursday, February 02, 2006

Phill's Cover and a Love Poem

Thanks for the feedback on the cover. Mav caught a mistake. This is what the entire cover will look like. The back cover contains a picture of Phill held by his father when he was a little boy. Oddly, it is the only picture we have of Phill as a child. But, none of you caught the biggest mistake! Phill had the front cover in the wrong place! Hah!

I've been busy writing so I haven't posted a poem in a bit. Today I will recitfy that by posting a poem that Phill wrote to me. It's in the book as I'm in the book. I'm kind of comic relief. When you'll read it you'll understand what I mean by that. Think Shakespeare comedy instead of Seinfeld or Foxworthy or Chris Rock.

A drop of liquid falls through space,
hurtling towards a silent place;
a breath away from sudden one-ness,
it plummets through the dark.

Far below a mirrored surface sits,
waiting for the drop to hit,
in between lies nothingness
and fleeting ticks of time.

Leaning over the dark shaft’s top,
I see the droplet’s sudden stop;
circles ripple through my likeness
as the melding happens.

And now my thoughts have turned to her,
forbidden passions start to stir;
her tempting taste of tenderness
has pulled me towards the edge.

I ponder thoughts I dared not think
and slide upon the balmy brink,
plunging through that inner darkness,
I feel the thrill of love.

The impact might still sunder all
but it’s the moment of the fall,
And I am filled with eagerness
that we might meld as one.

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