Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Job or No?

Phill got an email from the head of the search committee today regarding that job in NC. We are probably staying here. It's not a given, and it is certainly not a terrible thing to stay here in Cville. However, Phill says that by "saying truth to power" he probably put off the head of the search committee. What do you think this email is implying?

It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you on your visit
here at UNC. I appreciate the candor with which you approached your visit
and I think you and I are clear about each other, expectations, etc.

I think we both have a lot to think about as we go forward.
I will be in touch as our group gathers and figures out the
directions in which we would like to move.


Trixie said...


I think the email was equally candid. Not at all the glossy bullshit that you normally see in these things. There is a lot of respect in that message. You can respect someone, really want to work with them, but know that they would be equally miserable at your company. So you do the right thing and not hire them and hope that someday you will have the chance to work together in a better situation. You can even respect someone and NOT want to work with them regardless. My take is that this job is probably not going to happen but not necessarily for the obvious reasons.

Kuky said...

What a strange email. It doesn't sound very positive. But who knows. Maybe the guy just writes like that.