Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Sleep, but not Perfect

Phill took Finwe for two hours so I could get some real sleep. Well, two hours of it. That of course meant that Phill only got sleep from 2am until 7am when White Dragon decided it was time to bark at the trash men and play with her friends next door. My sleep from 2-7 was okay, not continuous, but I feel more normal today.

I may even get time to finish the next installment of the Unnamed Novel.


Trixie said...

Well you owe us details on the whole life ruining episode as well as a next installment on the book. With such little sleep, you are a wonder if you can get it all done. You need a babysitter and a night a hotel!

Kell said...

Ooh. Sorry the baby is sick. Sounds dreadful in so many ways. Hope he's better soon - and hope you get the rest you need. As soon as the baby is better, THEN get the grandparents and go to the hotel...

In other exciting news, I've planned an exciting weekend in NYC with my friend who's moved to DC to work for the DHS (Sorry. I coudn't stop using initials!) - We've decided we deserve it.