Friday, February 10, 2006

Letter to the Neighbors

Dear Neighbors:

I know there is a possibility of you moving to the Seattle area. While I hope that you get to capitalize on this opportunity I also do not relish the thought of you leaving. There are many reasons for this. One is that you will have a difficult time explaining to Idril that Inwe and Larien are not withing walking distance any longer. We also will not get the chance to call for our sons in just the right way to conjure up a Tom Clancy hero. But the biggest reason for me not wanting you to leave is that I will have to entertain White Dragon much more.

If you do move, you must consider these possibilities. Screen all potential buyers to determine if they are dog lovers and/or owners. Make this part of the contract, please. See, if you don't do this, then White Dragon will greet the new owners and scare the dickens (what does that mean anyway?) out of them at 7am.

So, if you don't screen the buyers, then please help us build a wall between our properties. Preferably about 6 feet tall or so. Anything under that height I bet she'll be able to jump. I'm sure we can clear it with the neighborhood committee.



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