Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lessons I have learned today

In helping Phill build his website I have learned a few lessons.

First, always ask. That is why there is 24/7 Live Chat support. We are using for webhosting, and I've found that asking when something is not working is the best approach.

Second, the case of the letters used is quite important in Linux. If your file is a .JPG and you have it labeled .jpg in your code the picture will not show up on the website.

The website is completely active now. You can check it out. We even have a guestbook if you care to leave a message. Keep in mind that the book is not ready for buying. Phill will get the final proofs in about ten days, and as long as it is okay you can order it on demand. I'll post when it is ready and I will also have a button for your blog if you choose to add it. Just email me or leave it in the comments below.

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