Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's done.

I just put it all out there to the woman with the drug problem who cleans my house. I said it all, every ugly bit and every nice feeling. Of course, I didn't do this until I casually asked her if she was finding childcare so she could go to meetings. She lied. I didn't confront her with the lie. What good would that have done?

When I said all I had to say, she responded by saying, "I understand if you need to let me go. I'm sorry for the whole drama I have created. I'm sorry for everything I have put you through this past month."

She pretty much made my decision for me. It's done. She's gone with today's cleaning done and paid for along with a two week severance package. There is no key to stop hiding; I was always here to let her in. My nosy neighbors down the street know that she's not to be here any longer. Those people will so tell the police if they see her car here (well, they will probably call me first).

Now, I only need to talk to my neighbor who also uses her cleaning services. That won't be fun.


Trixie said...

1 heart 1 way


Kell said...

I'm sure that was hard. It sounds like you're happy with the decision - and safe which is important. The severance was a generous and lovely thing to do.