Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Husband's Book

Okay, we have a domain name for Phill's book. Now what? Do I need to pay the $6/mo web hosting fee that most places charge or is this something that Phill (understand that it really will be me doing it all) can do from a home computer. As program saavy as I am, I know very little about what is needed to design and host a web page to promote Phill's novel. If you know something, please let me know. I hate being ignorant. Or, if you have a horror story of what not to do those are useful as well.

He's gotten the proofs from the publisher and the draft cover is nearly done. We just have to get one more photo scanned in for the back cover. Here's what it will look like unless some of you have suggestions.


Liz Self said...

SO cool. Wes and I will look forward to reading :)

Maverick said...

The Spine of the Book does not have the "of" in it.

Trixie said...

OMG - Mav is right.

Sarabeth said...

Thank you, Mav. The mistake is duly noted and will be passed on to Dr. Phill for correcting.

Shows you how much I pay attention!

molly said...

using a host is the easiest and probably just as cheap as hosting your self in the long run, but which host you want use depends on what you want to do on the web site. Are you doing e-commerce? just a page with book and author bio? a blog?

You could also have the publisher host the web site, if they do that sort of thing, and point your domain name there.