Friday, January 20, 2006

Two Great Coaches

I played basketball in high school for two great coaches, Ronnie and Janis Bond. The pair has coached together at the same high school for 30 years. And, they are a winning combination. My father told me to look up an article in the Penscola News Journal this morning as these coaches could become the winningest coaches of girls' basketball in the state of Florida. Quite a milestone.

Why are they so successful? In my opinion it is because they are not afraid of making the girls in their program work hard. I remember wanting to do well for these coaches because of who they were. If you play for Ronnie and Janis Bond you practice harder than you play in the game. As a player you are to pay attention during practice or suffer the consequences.

I remember having to run an extra set of sidelines because I gave a small, finger-flick wave to the guy I was dating. When he heard one of the centers talking about her date the night before we all had to run more baseline drills.

We learned the fundamentals of basketball, and we executed them well. We learned great defense. Those were the keys to our success, runner up at the state tournament my junior year. Until this day, when I watch a basketball game I get annoyed when I see a team not blocking out or not covering the weak-side in the defense.

These two people don't just coach, they get involved as well. We had to show our report cards to them to show that we were doing well in classes. If you didn't do well in classes, Janis got you help--sometimes that meant me. After the first two report cards Coach Bond would just wave me off as I headed into his office saying, "I don't need to see that."

So, hats off to two great coaches.

On Friday night, the Bonds won their 722nd game of their careers.

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