Thursday, January 26, 2006

Selfless Promotion

You all know that as soon as Phill's book is published and available for buying I'll be promoting it. Kuky has volunteered to help me with a button. But that isn't the reason for this post.

A woman I met through our local NPR station has published a book called "Who Knew? Reflections On Vietnam." This book is a tale in prose and verse of the time that Holley Watts spent as a Red Cross "Donut Dolly".

As she says herself, it will take you just an hour to read it the first time. The next couple of times you pick it up you spend more time thinking, more time feeling. The verses appear simple, but the meanings are deep. It's like watching the television show M.A.S.H; the light-hearted moments still come in a time of war.

For the daughter of a Vietnam Vet, I found the book very moving. So moving that I bought one to send to my father. I don't know if he's read it. Explore the link above for excerpts.

Holley has given me permission to place an excerpt here. From page 35.

WHO KNEW . . .
that I'd remember the Marine Corps birthday
as the day Martha Raye came to Freedom Hill
and Johnny finally came in from the field on his way home.
We were told, Don't touch the men.
but I ran to my tall, green, pungent grunt cousin
and threw my arms around him anyway.
I haven't seen a round-eye in thirteen months.
He stood there and shuddered.
He understood. I didn't.

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Would my dad like this? I dunno know.