Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I take it all back. This dog, if that what you can call her, is no ghola of The Brute. I make this retraction because no dog of mine sits, moans, and yawns at the bowl of food.

If this dog were a ghola of The Brute, she would have attacked the bowl of food, gulping down painfully large mouthfuls of kibble, as if she hadn't eaten in many days.

Even Sogria, decrepit as she is, trots to her food bowl with glee.

How much food do you think the girls slipped her?

Dog, Dog in My Manger
By George Barker

Dog, dog in my manger, drag at my heathen
Heart where the swearing smoke of Love
Goes up as I give everything to the blaze.
Drag at my fires, dog, drag at my altars
Where Aztec I over my tabernacle raise
The Absalom assassination I my murder.

Dog, drag off the gifts of too much I load
My life as wishing tree too heavy with:
And, dog, guide you my stray down quiet road
Where peace is--be my engine of myth
That, dog, so drags me down my time
Sooner I shall rest from my overload.

Dog, is my shake when I come from water,
The cataract of my days, as red as danger?
O my joy has jaws that seize in fangs
The gift and hand of love always I sought for.
They come to me with kingdoms for my paucity--
Dog, why is my tooth red with their charity?

Mourn, dog, mourn over me where I lie
Not dead but spinning on the pinpoint hazard,
The fiftieth angel. Bay, bay in the blizzard
That brings a tear to my snowman's eye
And buries us all in what we most treasured.
Dog, why do we die so often before we die?

Dog, good dog, trick do and make me take
Calmly the consciousness of the crime
Born in the blood simply because we are here.
Your father burns for his father's sake,
So will a son burn in a further time
Under the bush of joy you planted here.

Dog, dog, your bone I am, who tears my life
Tatterdemalion from me. From you I have no peace,
No life at all unless you break my bone,
No bed unless I sleep upon my grief
That without you we are too much alone,
No peace until no peace is a happy home:
O dog my god, how can I cease to praise!
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Kell said...

Dog Dreams - by Jonatha Brook (inspired by a Far Side cartoon)

Me and Rex took the car, ha ha, stay home (stay!)
We're gonna run over all the neighborhood cats
Cause they tease us from the other side of the fence.
We're gonna go in the swamp, and you can't hose us down

Dog dreams - dog dreams
Please don't wake us up.

No bad dog, no stay,
no basement, no way
no choke chain, no dry food, no fetch game, no, no, no, no...

Me and Rex took the car, ha ha,
Stay home. Stay.
We're gonna go through everyone's garbage - have the dinners we deserve.
We're gonna find some great smelling bitches. See what they meant what they said from the end of the leash

Dog dreams - Dog dreams
Please don't wake us up.