Thursday, January 05, 2006

Phill's Genetic Journey

I should have waited a few hours to post the Pieces of You entry below. The National Genographic Project sent Phill's results this morning.

He is of the Haplogroup R1b, which is a lineage define by the marker called M343. Seventy percent of men in southern England are R1b. That number jumps to 90% in some parts of Spain and Ireland.

See the "Eurasian Adam" on the map? To tell you more about him I quote the results given to us from the National Genographic Project.

This African man, who lived some 31,000 to 79,000 years ago, is the common
ancestor of every non-African person living today. His descendants migrated out
of Africa and became the only lineage to survive away from humanity's home

And see the branch beginning in southern Central Asia? Here's the information about him.

Some 40,000 years ago a man in Iran ou southern Central Asia was born with a
unique genetic marker known as M9, which marked a new lineage diverging from the M89 group. His descendants spent the next 30,000 years populating much of the planet.

Now that is immortality.


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Love it. We were thinking of doing this as an anniversary gift ! Heck we don't actually need anything and it sounded like fun.

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