Sunday, January 08, 2006

Not Telling

Mr. Baatard asked me to reveal what HP stands for. I won't tell. It's something that only my sorority sisters know. Isn't that annoying? Fraternal organizations have secret rituals, handshakes, and symbolic meanings. I add one more thing to that list: the origin and meaning of my nickname. You can guess all you want. I won't even acknowledge if you get it correct. The only thing I will reveal is that the HP is not the initials for Hewlett-Packard. I have no affiliation with that company or their products. Although, I still have a trusty, blue Hewlett-Packard calculator that I bought in high school. It is still working, only on its second battery, after twenty years.

Mr. Baatard was close with one of his guesses. Here is his list:

House plant?
Hanky panky?
Hewlett Packard?
Howard Phillips (Lovecraft)?
Harry Potter?
Hot potato?
Helicobacter Pylori?
High Pressure?
Home Plate?
Hydrogen Peroxide?
Homosexual Panic? (I thought I should insert some tie-in to your post)

I trust that my sorority sisters who read this will not reveal my nickname.


Maverick said...

There is one person besides your sorority sisters who knows what it stands for, but I'm not telling either.

Sarabeth said...

Well, you are my sister.

Trixie said...

Loved the list.

Hellion Plaything
Hen Pecked
Harried Pig
Half Pack
Ham Picnic

There are so many options. Lucky that I know the truth. I would like to clarify that I know your nickname not because of the sorority but because our friendship took us this route. We were friends who happened to find each other through a club. The club is secondary. This is one friendship without strings - no one can claim that you purchased this friend!

Mr. Baatard said...