Wednesday, January 18, 2006


In adopting White Dragon we found a ghola of The Brute. He was our first, our practice child. Adopted in Seattle at nine months of age, he went through 16 weeks of training just so we could let him interact with other dogs. He traveled with us across country to North Carolina where he got to run free on my mother-in-law's land. Over 100 acres of woods and fields to find deer, rabbits, turkeys, and skunk. He put up with us finding and keeping Sogria and then learned the rules of an invisible fence. His finer qualities were protectiveness, loyalty to us, gentleness with the children, going upstairs to bed whether we were ready or not, and howling at sirens. He was, as best we could tell, a white shepherd mixed with lab or golden retriever. After he died, we decided that we would not get another dog until we could find a mix something like him.

Just four months after he died we saw white shepherd/lab mix puppies up for adoption from Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. We adopted the White Dragon. Having her from 10 weeks of age kept her from having the bad, neurotic qualities of The Brute, but from early on she showed she was a ghola of him. How?

  • She went upstairs after being with us for just 2 weeks to go to bed. We weren't ready yet.
  • She has an internal clock knowing when it is breakfast or dinner time.
  • She wants to be right next to babies.
  • She does the "oogie boogie", a move that you have to see to understand.
  • Before you even know that you will drop a morsel of food on the floor, she is there to catch it midfall.
  • She wakes us up with a shake of head, making the tags on her collar jingle. (Sogria does not do this. She woo-woos.)
  • Her ears are all Yoda.
  • And, lastly, she howls at sirents and dances while she does it.


Kuky said...

That butt sniffing picture is so funny. I almost burst out laughing...but Isabelle is sleeping.

Kell said...

I miss having dogs - Dogs are the best. My boyfriend often comments that humans don't deserve something as loyal as a dog. Sometime, I will blog about my favorite, and last dog, Samantha Pudding. She was known to carry a rack of deer antlers around (My father was a mighty hunter. Sorry if that offends) - Picture a terrier-sized dog with two huge horns sticking out of either side of her mouth. It was quite humorous.

Trixie said...

Kell has me in stitches with that description! It is so true that small dogs don;t know they are small - take mighty Mama for example