Monday, January 09, 2006


"Assumptions make an ass out of you and me." Do you know that saying? I've heard it before, and I got a demonstration of it just a few days ago.

See, I first started blogging as a way to keep my family and close friends up to date on my children. That was my only reason, so that description "About Me" over in the sidebar was irrelevant. Those people do know me and, hence, did not need any further information. As I started reading more and more blogs I found that I wanted to use my own personal blog as my outlet for some thoughts and to post those quiz results that have many of us wasting time we don't need to waste. Not long after I began really exploring the blogosphere (what a great word, don't you think?). I stared making comments on other blogs. This was good. Many of the blog owners made no assumptions based on my profile. That all changed a few days ago.

A man, whom I choose not to name, attempted to demean me probably based on my profile. He looked at my blogs, figured out I was a stay at home mom, saw that I put a poem on my blog entires (which must label me as a freaking liberal, right?) , and then began blasting me instead of debating the issue at hand. I did not stoop to his level resorting to name calling. I instead used words that he probably had to look up in a dictionary.

Because of this event I decided to put down who I am right here. Stop now if you want to keep believing what you think you know about me.

Who I am:

I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother of three children. I have breastfed my first two children and am breastfeeding the third. I am not a "breastfeeding nazi" who is judgemental of mothers who give their infants formula. I am the owner of two dogs: one rescued nearly hairless from the side of the road, the other adopted from a white german shepherd rescue organization. I believe that I should only adopt dogs from shelters or rescue orgs. I won't go to a breeder for a puppy.

I have a B.A. in biology with a minor in chemistry. I earned my Master of Science in Pharmacology, choosing not to pursue my Ph.D. because I did not want to sit at a lab bench for the rest of my life. I chose to sell Mary Kay cosmetics because I like the products and the discount I get for selling them. I have held many jobs in my short lifetime which have included the following: cashier at two fast-food restaurants, receptionist for a professional photographer, teaching assistant as a undergraduate for a cell biology course, lab technician for a geneticist, teaching assistant as a graduate student for pharmacology, hands on science teacher for elementary children, manager of a branch of science education afterschool and summer program company, account manager for a educational publishing company which required me to be a liason to large pharmaceutical companies.

However, none of these jobs are greater than the one I have now--as a mom, staying home, taking care of my three children. I chose this position as well for a few reasons, none of which trump the others:

  • It was financially easy for my family to have just one person working.
  • I could not fathom a non-family member taking care of my infants.
  • I wanted to give my children the same gift my mother gave to me. I will always remember fondly coming home to see her at the door.

I do not label myself as either Republican or Democrat. I liked Ronald Reagan as president. I didn't like George H.W. Bush when he was president, but in hindsight he wasn't terrible. I liked Bill Clinton, but I didn't like his philandering. I do not like George W. Bush. I have seen no evidence that he is intelligent enough to hold this prestigious and very important position.

I did not vote for George Bush in either election. I also did not vote for Al Gore or John Kerry. I vote in every election, no matter how small. I have been highly disappointed in the caliber of people striving to become POTUS. I do not trust Karl Rove or Dick Cheney. I like Donald Rumsfeld and have lots of respect for Condoleeza Rice.

I am anti-abortion, but I am ardently for a woman's right to privacy when it comes to her own body. That means I am also pro-choice. Politicians should stay away from this issue.

I read the entire Starr Report and the 9/11 Commission Report. I read Newsweek from cover to cover and occasionally groan over the overt liberal bias. I understand the columns of George Will. I even agree with many of the topics. I also read National Geographic each month. I do not watch network news, but instead catch cable channel news and online sources.

I do not believe in God of any kind. I have no idea how our universe started, and I do not like to debate that issue.

My IQ is high enough that I could be a member of Mensa if I so chose to be. This is not a fact that I usually flaunt.

So, that is me. Or what I have chosen to reveal. Make no more assumptions about me.


Maverick said...

Don't you just "love" people who blast other people based on jobs and their own stereotyping? Idiots. Wonder what they would do if someone did the same to them? And I'm a great person to make this observation, because the way I make a living is being an attorney and I get lots of stereotyping based on what I do for a living; not on who I am.

Trixie said...

Poor baby. You are so intelligent that sometimes people have to pick a fight with your big brain. Whatever this fool said - just flush it. You are a smart, loving woman who would not hurt a fly. You are a good person, better than most, and someone who I adore.

Kuky said...

How totally crass! He can just stuff it.

Trixie said...

I'm so glad you left me a link to this when I did the "100 Things About Me" on my blog. Most I already knew just from reading your blogs -- the love for your family and your intelligence, for examples. I also hate the idiots that jump to attack someone on their mistaken stereotypes. It just shows their incapacity to think.
--Oklahoma Trixie

Michelle said...

so...we are actually a fair bit alike. And you are a LOT like my friend Jen. I would say our biggest difference is the abortion issue. For me, it has become very muddied by being a resource for Down syndrome families. I tend to get the folks who come to me VERY late in a pregnancy, like over 26-28 weeks. MOST abort. To me, the word abortion brings up some pretty awful thoughts. Eugenics, that sorta thing. I understand the belief that many have in abortion. But abortion for fetal defect feels dead wrong to me.
I read much the same way you do, have many of the same thoughts. I believe in God, though. I just want to live and let live, I wouldnt hurt a fly...UNLESS they hurt me or mine. Then all bets are off.
Thanks for sharing this with me. I am enjoying getting to know you.