Thursday, December 01, 2005

Words of Advice

Maverick's comment on the dirty dog post inspired me to tell a story.

In college my sister and I were members of The Animals of Section B. We were in the minority as women who were not afraid of being loud and joining the men in their boisterousness. A longtime member of the Animals was a man known as "Chief" (pictured here) since he was once the chief of police in Havana, Florida. Why he told my sister and I this advice I don't know. I can only surmise that he thought Mav and I might run into a bit of trouble with the law. He very clearly told us that if we were ever arrested or even questioned by law enforcement were were to do three things:
  1. Deny everything.
  2. Admit nothing.
  3. Ask for proof.

Want to know more about The Animals? Here's a bit from the website:

The Animals are a boisterous group of baseball fans dating all the
way back to 1977. The main purpose of the Animals is to support Florida State Baseball in a "unique", yet clean and classy manner. Our name originated in
1978, when Sol Carroll (FSU's #1 Fan) would bring doughnuts to Seminole Field to
pass out to the fans - old, crusty, tasteless doughnuts from Yum-Yum Doughnuts
(or was it Yuck-Yuck Doughnuts?). This tradition went on game after game, when
finally these fans had enough and threw Sol's doughnuts right back at him. He
called them a bunch of 'Animals' and the name stuck.
When Seminole Field, later Dick Howser Stadium, opened in 1983, the Animals took roost in Section B, and have stayed there ever since. The Animals consist of students, alumni,
business people, families, public servants, and anyone else who has a deep
passion for Florida State Baseball. The Animals use intimidation through noise
to rattle the visiting team's psyche. We use cheers and songs to help get our
crowd and team into the game, and the visitor's out of theirs.
Now that Howser Stadium has been renovated and expanded, the powers that be at Florida
State decided to go with a numbering system for section rather than letters.
This means that while the Animals are technically in just about the same spot
they've been in for years, going by the numbers, they reside in Section 4 and 5.
No worries though, as you will see a garnet and gold B on the pole just always.
The Animals will always be in Section B, no matter what anyone says.
We have worked hard to establish a reputation for originality, positive energy, general
zaniness, and of the #1 cheering section in college baseball. We always attempt
to show sportsmanship, and routinely congratulate opposing players and teams
when a good play is made (though not too much of course).
Each year since 2000, the Animals have been presented with awards from the Florida State University Alumni Association for their hard work and endless spirit while supporting Florida

In recent years, the Animals website, Section B Online has begun
generating hundreds of thousands of hits per month and is the premier source of
Florida State Baseball on the Internet. An ever-growing e-mail list provides
up-to-date news, information, and game stories to 3000+ subscribers that include
everyone from journalists to players to coaches to parents of players and even
fans of rival schools. Game stories written by members of the Animal section can
also be found on (

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Maverick said...

Ahh, my animal days. Those were some very good times. REALLY good times.