Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Grave Markers

Every day I drive past a cemetary. This cemetary doesn't allow the standup gravestones. The stones are the ones that lay flat. During the day I see the artificial flowers sticking at the head of the gravesites. (Larien says she wants to go pick them. Inwe tries to tell her that the people who put them there wouldn't like that.) At night, the landscape changes. Perhaps you are thinking that I can see small eternal flames glowing, but you would be wrong. What I see are glow-in-the-dark crosses dotting the cemetary. Not long ago there was only one of these things. Now, it is an apparent trend in burial customs. There are many of these light green, glowing crosses. If you are in charge of my body when I die, don't bury me. I prefer cremation or donation to a medical school (as those bodies are cremated at the end of the class). However, if you decided to not honor my wishes, please don't put a glow-in-the-dark anything near my gravesite. If you do, I will eternally haunt you.

Update: I finally found the product on the internet at Memorial Silks. Click on the link for a picture. Here's the description. By the way, they are currently out of stock. Popular things these glowing crosses. Creepy.

Solar Lighted Cross
A.K.A. "The Eternal Light Cross" A warm glowing light will illuminate the grave each night and give the grieving family comfort in knowing their loved one is not forgotten. Color: White
This well designed solar lighted cross is constructed of weather resistant acrylic. It stands 14" tall (not including the ground stake) 10" wide and 3" in depth. The special solar cell allows for the batteries (included) to be recharged everyday. The rechargable battery housing is covered by a twist cap with a rubber seal. The included ground stake can be detached allowing for the cross to be used in many settings.The Eternal Light Cross will illuminate for 5 hours or more depending on the time of year and amount of sunlight.Each Eternal Light Cross comes with a one year manufacture's warranty and a theft replacement offer.
Measures 14 inches tall 10 inches wide 3 inches long

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Zen Wizard said...

A cemetery where I used to work had all "in ground" headstones, and people liked it because they felt it made things "more democratic"--i.e., there was no "contest" to see who could have the biggest headstone.

I was going to say something like, "Glow in the dark cross by your headstone! Now that's what I call LIVING..." but that would just be plain wrong...