Thursday, November 24, 2005

White Dragons like Children

At least mine does. The White Dragon really has to be next to children if they are on the ground. This is Cirdan, son of our neighbors. We did not set up this picture. We couldn't keep White Dragon away from Cirdan.

Seeing this reminded me of our last White Shepherd/Lab mix, Kodiak, aka The Brute. He was a brute: 85 pounds of insecurity, loyalty, and neurosis bundled up in a powerful dog. However rough he might be with other dogs, he was always gentle around the girls. My favorite story about The Brute was right after Inwe was born.

We never allowed the dogs to sleep in our bedroom. We just didn't want all that fur. The Brute learned this at an early age and always respected that rule. The day we brought Inwe home was the end of that rule. We placed the sleeping baby in the bassinet, which was situated in our room. The Brute, intensely interested in the new little one, walked right across that imaginary line between hallway and bedroom and laid down next to the bassinet. Phill drug him out. The Brute came right back in. We closed the door on him. He busted it open. It was obvious that The Brute wanted to be next to the baby. That was the day we got rid of the rule of no dogs in the bedroom. Posted by Picasa

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