Monday, November 14, 2005

Google Earth Tip: Watch which button you push

Here's a quiz. What does this look like to you?
a) An explosion over your in-laws' house.
b) A solar flare in front of the satelite picture.
c) A wormhole to the Delta Quadrant.
d) A weird optical effect when you place your finger over the flash trying to take a picture of a computer screen.

This quiz has two winners: one for the correct answer and one for correctly identifying the property just above the orange mark on the photo. The winners will receive original artwork from Inwe and Larien.


Anonymous said...

i see lots of pools and the shape of the yard looks like your parent's house?

I don't know what the orange blob is....


Sarabeth said...

Molly wins artwork from Inwe. It is indeed my parents' house.

The second prize is still available for correctly answering the quiz questions. Hint: I did not take the photo. Phill did.

Trixie said...

I vote for the last choice. But I am still owed a switchplate and am grumbling every day because I DO NOT HAVE IT YET. So even if I win, I think I will have to boycott the artwork out of protest. It is clear that the girls DO NOT WANT TO MAKE ARTWORK or I would already have mine. So I will decline my prize to save them from slaving over a project that they have no interest in doing. I am sacrificing for their please...please.. just give the award to some other good soul like Molly. The person...not the dog.