Sunday, November 27, 2005

Annual Thanksgiving Trek to Michie Tavern

Just down the road from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is Michie Tavern. It's a collection of buildings built in TJ's time that were moved to this location to increase the number of visitors to the site. As James Monroe's farm is a mere two miles from Monticello it was a good move for these historic buildings.

Nearly every year since Phill and I moved here we have eaten Thanksgiving dinner at The Ordinary or eaten there a few days later. Each time has been with our great friends and neighbors, Loquatia and Perfection Man. This was our fourth visit. The first year was when Inwe was almost one year of age. The photo is of Phill and her after the lunchtime visit to Michie Tavern. I think they are watching football; Phill is at least. That visit was much easier than the current one. Loquatia and Perfection Man have two children, Idril (2) and Cirdan (8 months). So, there we were four adults and five children being fussed and bothered over by women in period costume. We all ate and nobody got hurt. I even got a short shopping trip to the General Store to get a present for Aunt Maverick.

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Anonymous said...

Mom-Mom and I went to the book store that she loves so much. She ordered your Dad the new Greg Iles book "Turning Angels" for his birthday. There is a big sweet gum tree that uprooted in my yard during the hurricane Katrina. Alexandra does not want it moved because she gets to walk the log and climb on the limbs. Well, as it turns out, Mom-Mom and Lizzie wanted the gum balls still hanging from the tree. So all the family trooped down to the tree and picked four or five paper bags of gum balls. Liz and Molly went to town and bought a glue gun and ornaments and then made, with Alexandra's help, a gumball tree. It was really cute. Also they took Mom-Moms car to town to get a flat fixed. The tire was nearly flat sitting under the carport. Molly brought her portable sewing machine and Alexandra made her teddy bear "Ted" a pair of 'jams'. Molly is teaching her how to sew.

Tell the girls about our adventures this weekend. And remind Megan I want her to come to my house one day so we can talk and get to know each other. There is a little donkey next door that really loves people and will come to the fence to be petted. Hope to see each of you real soon. JM